Back in 1974, solar pioneer architect Prof. Dr. Dieter Holm built the first modern house in South Africa running exclusively on solar energy. At that early stage he already identified this future technology and its market potential, an insight he shared through research and teachings.

His son, architect Henning Holm, pioneered the large scale introduction of the technology. The German company “Solarfabrik” hand picked him in 1999 to start its activities in southern Africa and since then, he is probably the most influential and knowledgeable consultant on solar energy in South Africa.

Thea Holm joined the team in 2003. As a trained and award winning Educator for Sustainable Development, she actively transforms individuals, companies and the local communities through awareness, capacity building and practical implementation of changes for supporting this concious way of living.

Backed by over 20 years of experience with large solar systems Holms and Friends stands for the specific optimal purpose designed  system.

The family practice what they preach.