HOLMS AND FRIENDS – Building on Sunshine

Company history:

Holms and Friends has managed to firmly make its mark in the renewable energy industry over the past 15 year since its inception. Born out of a merger of specific expertise from two other companies who have been in the related industry over more than ten years, we managed to not only create a niche market, but become award winning leaders in the field.

Holms and Friends provide supreme solar solutions for buildings. We transform the ferocious African sun into functional, fresh and financially sound solar solutions. Our clients’ tailor-made solutions are some of the best known in South Africa.


Holms and Friends approaches all clients and projects in a totally integrated way by promoting the overall goal of sustainability. The delivery is ensured through our belief in networking with other companies and professionals. We offer and encourage in-house and external training for staff, our partners and end-user clients. Our work and projects are non-polluting and operate in stable harmony with the earth’s physical and ecological systems, create jobs and new opportunities out of expenditures that previously had gone to purchase non-fitting import solutions.

  • Our service excels through finding appropriate tailor-made solutions for each individual client.
  • Our projects are distinguished by knowledge and understanding of the environment and the people it serves. The projects’ cradle to grave life cycle is calculated and controlled in advance.
  • Our partners are superior by being well informed and trained professionals with a sense of value and integrity. This network includes our end-user clients. Our partners end up as Friends.


Holms and Friends excels in solar resource solutions. Herein we integrate years of knowledge, research and experience in:

  • People empowerment
  • Social responsible developments
  • Solutions for sustainable human environments

Core competencies:

  • Energy strategies & project management
  • Commercial solar thermal and photovoltaic systems (EPCM)
  • Training


Two shareholders –

Henning Holm                                   BArch (UP), MArch (Prof), MIArch                             – Member

DEM (Thea) Holm                            TEFL (Eng), CENV (Unisa)                                            – Member

Permanent staff:                             Four


  • Our partners are superior by being well informed and trained professionals with a sense of value and integrity.
  • The understanding of local conditions is an absolute minimum requirement. This network includes our end-user clients who mostly benefit through fringe benefits like skills transfer, jobs, independent maintenance contracts and profit sharing.
  • These customers are concerned about the environment and its people as well as their own well-being.
  • Just as important as the choice of our clients, is the choice of partners we associate with.
  • Through well-established relations, we can guarantee the result of our work.