Prof Dr Dieter Holm (left) and Henning Holm (right) jointly receive the SANEA 2011 energy education award from Brian Statham (centre).


  • download_textESD Leadership Training Conference – April 2012

  • download_text DBSA visitor centre honoured by city architects – February 2012

  • download_textUniversity of Pretoria opts for record breaking solar water heating system – January 2012

  • Understanding your specific needs and circumstances is essetial. Our choice of clients is important to our long-term relationship. We therefore start with an initial consultation and site visit.

  • Measure and you know! Using averages and guesswork leaves you with patchwork.

  • We excel in product selection and design solutions suitable for African conditions and your specific project. Life cycle costing, social and environmental considerations are central to good decision making.

  • Not only the meticulous execution of the project is important, but regular training of all participants ensures an understanding of systems thinking.

  • Our on-going verification service guarantees the initial project and pro-active maintenance. Let our award winning track record be proof of our commitment to quality.